Surf Spots Canggu | Intermediate - Advanced

Canggu is one of the most popular areas in Bali and is home to a large variety of waves. From mellow longboard spots around Batu Balong to the punchier waves at Echo beach, there is something for everyone. 

 All three spots named in this blog are located at Echo beach, which is easily accessed via Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu. There is a big carpark at the end of this road that overlooks the surf spots. These surf spots are best for Intermediate to Advanced surfers. 

Echo Left

Echo Left is also known as little Tahiti, it is a perfect lefthander reefbreak that can be surfed anywhere from mid-high tide. If you are chasing barrels, then surfing it from mid tide onwards is prime. It breaks from deeper water straight to a shallow table reef creating double ups when there’s less water. Beware, it can get pretty heavy for inexperienced surfers. On the other hand, at high tide, the wave gets a lot mellower and is perfect for intermediates to learn cutbacks and practice quicker take offs. The reef itself is not sharp as it’s covered by seaweeds and moss, so it’s a good place for someone who’s just started surfing reefbreaks. 

Echo left is best surfed on a SSW swell direction. There’s also an easy channel to paddle out through that takes you out to the line up.


A perfect a-frame that is a favourite amongst the local surfers of Canggu. It’s a playful wave where you can really improve your surfing. It’s essentially a surfing skatepark with different sections to carry out maneuvers - barrels, turns, airs, you name it. It closes out on a west swell, so south swell is definitely the one to look out for. It’s a sand bottom break (as the name implies), yet don’t be fooled as it’s a hard sand bottom and people do get hurt, so please be mindful. There’s two main peaks at Sandbar, a shorter one closer to Echo left, offering occasional barrels and a turn or two. The second peak offers a steeper and heavier take off, straight into a barrel section and a few turns before it closes out in the end section. On a good Sandbar day, the first peak has a nice long wall that connects to the second peak, so keep an eye out for those waves! People often choose to ride a high performance shortboard here due to the waves nature, however this obviously isn’t a rule and you will also be able to surf Sandbar on a fun board or midlength.

This wave works well on a low to medium tide. Beware of strong currents here on big tides.


The famous right-hander reef break in Canggu, offering barrels, turns and airs for the pros. You get legends like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Julian Wilson that surf this wave whenever they are around. It can barrel straight away upon take off, walls up for a few nice turns before it closes out on the inside. There’s a channel going out so it’s an easy access to get to. Breaks best on a mid to high tide and unlike the other neighboring spots, it works on both SSW to SW swell.


There you have it! Three high quality waves along one stretch of beach, which is right on the doorstep of Boardiders. So if you need a new leash, want some new fins or want to try out a board, then just drop in!


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