What surfboard to rent in Bali?

Are you planning a surf holiday to Bali and need to rent a surfboard?  Whether you are a beginner surfer or intermediate/advanced surfer, there are plenty of options for surfboard rentals in Bali. 

Most people think that big barreling waves are the only conditions on offer in Bali, but this is far from the truth. Of course, there are plenty of barrels to be found during the dry season, but there are just as many mellow and cruisy waves. This means you may want to reconsider that 5’10 low volume performance shortboard you planned to rent……

When there isn't a big swell in Bali, the waves are usually still very fun and surfable. Spots all over the island can offer fun conditions for all levels. Here is what we would recommend to various types of surfer:

First time beginners

For your first ever surf we always recommend using a soft top surfboard. This is a foam board suited to beginners who need lots of volume to catch the wave and plenty of stability. If you are booked into a surf lesson in Bali, the surf school/instructor will most likely be providing you with a soft top surfboard.

Progressing beginners

When you progress from your initial lessons on a soft top, you will want to help your technique progress by renting a more maneuverable board than a soft top. We recommend a mini mal surfboard, such as a 8’0 Epoxy or PU board with a rounded outline. These types of board are extremely easy to surf and will allow you to catch plenty of waves whilst also allowing you to practice and improve your surfing technique.

Intermediate and advanced Longboard surfers 

There are many good surf spots for the avid longboarder looking for long peeling waves with good sections for nose riding. Spots like Batu Balong in Canggu or Medewi are examples of fantastic longboard waves. We recommend renting a classic 9’2’ - 9’6 longboard with a flat rocker. This type of longboard will allow you to perform classic longboard maneuvers with more ease. 

All round intermediate surfers

For intermediate surfers who opt for shortboards more often than not, there are plenty of options when renting a surfboard. We often see intermediate surfers renting boards that are too high performance or too small for them, which only hinders progression and the amount of waves you will catch. We always like to remind people that a bit of extra volume is a GOOD thing. The last thing you want to do on your surf trip to Bali is paddle around frustrated that you aren't catching many waves due to having a tiny board. If the waves are a small and fun size, we actually highly recommend a midlength surfboard. In recent years the midlength has become popular with all levels of surfers. The midlength allows you to catch plenty of waves yet still surf with performance in mind. Check out Torren Martyn for some inspiration.These boards are perfect for surfers looking for maximum wave count in everyday fun conditions in Bali. Another option for smaller conditions would of course be a classic fish surfboard, which will offer plenty of speed and drive in small conditions.

When the waves do get bigger and punchier, then you will want to consider an all round shortboard model that has high performance features yet still retains enough volume for paddle power and wave count. Boards such as the Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto and Native SX5/ SX6 are great all round surfboard options. If you feel confident and ready for an even higher performance board, then you can move onto something like a Pyzel Shadow or Native SX2/SX3. These boards are high performance, so ensure that your skill levels are sufficient enough to maximize these board’s benefits. 

Advanced surfers

Advanced surfers usually know exactly what they want in a surfboard, and most likely will bring their own surfboard on a trip to Bali. However, there are still plenty of cases where Advanced surfers may need to rent a surfboard in Bali. Advanced surfers in Bali are likely here to score world class waves such as Uluwatu, Bingin and Padang Padang. When these waves really turn on, you will need either a high performance shortboard or a step-up board. A high performance shortboard with plenty of rocker will likely do the trick for medium sized swells at advanced surf spots. Something like the Pyzel Shadow, Haydenshapes White Noiz, Native SX3 and DHD DNA are all great options. These boards have high performance features that allow for critical maneuvers and intense, steep take offs. When the surf really gets bigger and spots like Uluwatu are way overhead, you will want to rent a step-up surfboard. These surfboards are similar to high performance shortboards, but have extra length and extra rocker to aid with big steep take offs and hollow barreling waves. Step-ups will provide you with more confidence in big waves of consequence. Boards such as the Pyzel Ghost Pro and Native Pro SX5 are both good options for step up surfboards.

So there you have it….There are plenty of types of surfboard to consider renting when coming on your surf trip to Bali. Here at Boardriders Echo Beach, you will find plenty of surfboards available for rent, for all types and levels of surfer. To enquire about renting a surfboard during your trip, please contact us on Whatsapp on +62 877-5445-4904 or fill out our contact form here.


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